Author: daron

Write You a Sonnet? My friend, I’m On It!

I like sonnets. Here’s the famous one that inspires me: I once wrote a proper sonnet about my teeth for my mom because my sister challenged me to. To be clear, I’m no poet or expert on poetry, but exposure to a few of Shakespeare’s 14-line works of art leads me to stand in […]

Speaking out of school or Another name for the ball game

Our new semester is underway and at our first meeting I asked my undergrad class of Intro to Marketing students to tell me what is in this picture: As you might expect, the answers included basketball net, hoop, rim, net, backboard, pole, and other entirely correct descriptions of the physical object in front of them. […]

Title bout

Which fights are the ones worth fighting? Call this one a title bout, because it’s about a title. One function of a job title is to provide clarity, to oneself and to others, about the work you do and the offering you provide My first full-time job was “Assistant Mall Manager,” but I was really […]