Meet Dave

My name is Dave Aron, and I am a marketing educator, coach, and consumer researcher. I share my love of marketing and passion for teaching with executives, graduate students, and undergrads, engaging in the kind of thinking that goes beyond the textbook. I would love to talk to you about your career and your projects.


I have worked with dozens of businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit firms, offering mentoring, coaching, and guidance regarding marketing strategy and tactics. I have directed projects and shared presentations on marketing, product branding and brand management, new product introduction, and brainstorming. My audiences and protégés include community leaders, young executives, social workers, and of course hundreds of advisees and thousands of members of my marketing classes.

I have taught many different courses, include marketing, marketing strategy, marketing research, consumer behavior, brand management, business-to-business marketing, international business, advertising, and community building. I apply over twenty years of teaching experience along with my background in retail and online marketing to the education of my students.

Throughout my career, I have published several academic articles and shared over two dozen presentations on consumer satisfaction, consumer behavior, and innovations in teaching marketing.

Dave Aron studied Psychology at Northwestern University, then earned his MBA in Marketing and Human Resources Management from The Ohio State University. He worked in retail mall management and then online marketing for several years before achieving his PhD in Business Administration (Marketing) at the University of Michigan. Dave now teaches marketing to undergraduates, MBA students, and executives at Dominican University, near Chicago Illinois.