Month: May 2016

A Marketing Mentoring Coaching Intervention

It may be in tents: Embrace or replace if you can’t outrace

  One of my favorite old jokes is one I first read when I was much younger. Maybe you’ve heard this one before: Two campers are in their sleeping bags in the tent they share, trying to fall asleep when the first camper sees the shadow of a bear, cast by the full moon, through…
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Not Elite but Still So Sweet

The first part of the next sentence you read is a not true: I just got an article published in the Journal of Marketing, one of the elite academic journals in my field. The second part of that sentence is absolutely true. Take my word for it, I’m a marketing professor. Quite frankly, it would…
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Problem: What’s wrong with the way things are now?

When a new project crosses your desk or a new problem crosses your mind, here are a few questions to help you organize your thoughts and ideas: What problem are you going to try to solve? Why do you think this is a problem? Who is affected by this problem? Why hasn’t this problem been…
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My Lucky Cup and My Dry Pants

Let me tell you about my lucky cup. I was sitting in a coffee shop with my wife before she had to work her shift. Time’s up. She had to go to work, and I had go to my office for a bunch of meetings. The coffee shop was near her workplace and about halfway…
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