About Mentorvention

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What can Mentorvention help you achieve?


  • Understanding of what you can offer and what you need from a mentor
  • Which talents and gifts set you apart from others
  • Clarity about your weaknesses and actions you can take to grow and improve
  • Better awareness of your strengths and your superpowers 

External Awareness

  • Greater knowledge about what other expect from you, and how to meet and exceed those expectations
  • Confidence about the value that you provide to those around you


  • The power to expand and move beyond your comfort zone
  • The ability to set long-term and meaningful goals

About Dave

I am a marketing educator, coach, and consumer researcher. I share my love of marketing and passion for teaching with executives, graduate students, and undergrads, engaging in the kind of thinking that goes beyond the textbook.

I would love to talk to you about your career and your projects.

Audiences, protogees, business partners?

I have worked with dozens of businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit firms, offering mentoring, coaching, and guidance regarding marketing strategy and tactics. I have directed projects and shared presentations on marketing, product branding and brand management, new product introduction, and brainstorming.

  • community leaders
  • young executives
  • social workers
  • hundreds of advisees
  • thousands of marketing students

how many people have you taught? what walks of life?

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dave is awesome (and more testimonials below


dave is really cool


Expertise & Topics


I apply over twenty years of teaching experience along with my background in retail and online marketing to the education of my students.

  • marketing,
  • marketing strategy,
  • marketing research
  • consumer behavior,
  • brand management,
  • business-to-business marketing,
  • international business,
  • advertising,
  • community building.

Publications & Presentations

I apply over twenty years of teaching experience along with my background in retail and online marketing to the education of my students.

  • published several academic articles
  • Spoken at over two dozen presentations on consumer satisfaction, consumer behavior, and innovations in teaching marketing.
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  • B.A Psychology at Northwestern University
  • MBA in Marketing and Human Resources Management from The Ohio State University
  • PhD in Business Administration (Marketing) at the University of Michigan

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