Author: daron

Brain Balm: It’s Opposite Day

Massage your Marketing Message: I’m thinking about brainstorming for my latest challenge, and I thought of the recent passing of over-the-top entertainer Rip Taylor, which made me think of more ever-so-slightly more subtle, but still over-the-top in his own way entertainer Chuck Barris. Chuck Barris created and hosted The Gong Show, the performance-art showcase for […]

The Cubs and The Toothbrush Test or Add Another One to the Floss Column

If you know me then you know this: I’m a rabid Chicago Cubs fan. This was not a decision I made lightly… and I don’t know that it was really a decision at all. It was more of a daily deepening, an application of a balm that just made me feel better. When I was […]

Be It and You’ll See It and Other Long-Lasting Lessons

Did you know that I taught my first marketing class just over 25 years ago? It’s true! As a doctoral student at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) I worked with two faculty members and two other grad students to create our spring semester undergraduate intro to marketing class. We divided up the lectures… I […]