Mentorvention helped me gain clarity on the next steps to take when building a career and changing my life.

The program helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and improve my confidence when working with others.

Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, the activities all build confidence… it makes you more successful.

When I was starting out, if I had this kind of information, it would have been much more enlightening to me in terms of a career path and deciding what I wanted to do.

I think this program could be for anyone because no matter how seasoned you are in your career, there’s always an opportunity to learn and reflect on your experiences.

Really think about what your strengths are, sort through, and see how they add value to who you are and have gotten you to where you are.

I probably would have ended up in a different, better position if I had done this course first, understanding what I’m worth rather than settling.

It’s perfect for somebody who’s young and just starting out… and for people going back into the workforce.

The lessons are helpful, fun, creative, and don’t take too much time to complete.