What to do when you need a mentor

  • 22 Lessons
  • 1h 30min

Before you can ignite your career, you must first learn to develop self awareness.  This first section of Mentorvention will provide you the tools you need to begin a self-analysis, so you can get to know yourself as you venture into the unknown.  

Course Features
  • 23 videos
  • 90 minutes
  • 44 downloadable resources
  • Discussion boards
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access across devices
  • Certificate of Completion

Have you ever experienced this at work?

  • Difficult colleagues, bosses, or teammates are standing in the way of you and your value.
  • You feel like you’ve screwed up somehow.
  • You feel alone or without support.
  • You need help making sense of something that happened at work.

… then Mentorvention can help you figure out how you will overcome your challenges.

This course will take you from needing a mentor, to meeting a mentor, and ultimately becoming a mentor!  

This course will allow you to understand your own career trajectory and evolve into becoming a mentor for those in need.  

Each section will provide you with videos, interactive content, lessons and exercises.  This will allow you to take a personal inventory of your life and professional development.

I will share my individual experiences and perspective with you as it relates to each section of the course.

Discussion boards are available to get peer support. For more personalized support, contact me and we’ll figure out what works best for you.

I’m glad you asked!

I have worked with dozens of businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit firms, offering mentoring, coaching, and guidance regarding marketing strategy and tactics. I have directed projects and shared presentations on marketing, product branding and brand management, new product introduction, and brainstorming. My audiences and protégés include community leaders, young executives, social workers, and of course hundreds of advisees and thousands of members of my marketing classes.

I have taught many different courses, include marketing, marketing strategy, marketing research, consumer behavior, brand management, business-to-business marketing, international business, advertising, and community building. I apply over twenty years of teaching experience along with my background in retail and online marketing to the education of my students.

You can read my full Origin Story here!

But in short: I was lucky enough to have mentors who changed the course of my career for the better. I am eternally grateful to them and now it’s time for me to pay it forward.

If you want to take control of your career, I want to help you get the help that you need. To find a mentor. 

This is why I offer Mentorvention to you.


What People are Saying

This helped me internalize what I can bring to the table, and what I could bring my customers that others couldn’t.
Theo E.
You need this kind of guidance and assistance, especially when you’re going into something where you don’t know what is going to happen.
Ben C.
I liked the structure and I liked the assignments — they really make you put everything into perspective.
Brooke M.
This program helped me build my own confidence, to know what I am good at and how I can promote myself.
Elizabeth M.
Your Mentoring Intervention

Direct your trajectory with Mentorvention

Get you the tools you need to effectively self-analyze, so you can get to know yourself as you boldly move forward.