Your Marketing Mentoring Intervention is about using the tools of marketing and management strategy to discover your value, articulate your offering, and build on your career… for the benefit of you and those you work with.

Mentorvention Direction is a thorough and self-contained marketing mentoring intervention to help you understand your talents, gain traction, and move forward in your job and career.

Mentorvention Direction is a great place to start if you can relate to any of these:

  • You’ve got a job but you’re still not sure if it’s the right fit
  • You wonder what your career is going to look like
  • You’re still learning to accept supervision
  • You’re running into difficult colleagues, bosses, or teammates
  • You feel like you’ve screwed up somehow
  • You feel alone or without support

Mentorvention Direction is a 4-stage education that can help you find answers to the above situation, using the skills and strengths that you already possess.

Here’s what you’ll experience a member of the Mentorvention program:

  • Clear the Desks: Our 30 minute conversation to get all of your career-related issues out on the table, identified, and prioritized. So much of finding the best answers involves asking the best questions, and that’s where we’ll start. Our Clear the Desks session can be face-to-face if possible, or via Skype/Facetime or phone.

Stage 1:

  • Ikigai: This may look simple on the surface, but every day during your Mentorvention you should state why you got up that morning. What is fueling your engine? What are you looking forward to or hoping to serve? Whether it’s the same thing every morning or a new light in your eyes, start with your own affirmation.
  • Goal Setting and Problem Statement: We need to have goals so we know where we are going and where we want to be. Here’s an exercise I’ve used in classrooms and with project teams. Whatever you’re dealing with, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are other factors and other people involved, and through the Goal Setting and Problem Statement activity you can identify challenges from a fuller perspective.

Stage 2:

  • The Four Ps: Marketers know that The Four Ps are the foundation of any marketing strategy. Whether your field is marketing or any other area, one of our earliest steps will be understanding your core foundation of what you offer and to whom, what you expect in return, how you let people know about your offering, and how you make it available.

Stage 3:

  • SWOT Analysis: A classic business tool, widely used in marketing and in management, applied to you. We will consider your SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This involves a thorough and thoughtful consideration of internal and external factors that help define who you are and where you can focus your efforts.

Stage 4:

  • Positioning Statement: You’ve done the work. We’ve shared ideas. How do you see yourself and your offering, and how can you communicate this effectively to those around you?
  • Sit Down Session: We wrap up this phase of your Mentorvention with a 30 minute conversation about what you’ve discovered, what you want to work on, and what comes next.
  • Check Up Session: At a time we agree on… perhaps a month down the road, maybe more, maybe less depending on what you want, we’ll check in and see how things are going and note the progress you have made.


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