Your Marketing Mentoring Intervention is about using the tools of marketing and management strategy to discover your value, articulate your offering, and build on your career… for the benefit of you and those you work with.

Mentorvention Ignition is an immediate response to an immediate issue or challenge that you’re facing.

Mentorvention Ignition can offer ideas and solutions if you can relate to any of these:

  • Difficult colleagues, bosses, or teammates are standing in the way of you and your value
  • You feel like you’ve screwed up somehow
  • You feel alone or without support
  • You need help making sense of something that happened at work

Mentorvention Ignition is there when you need it. Set up a time for a mentoring intervention conversation with minimum wait. You and I will work together to find answers to your situation, using the skills and strengths that you already possess. And then we will build and move forward.


Contact me to set up the best time for our conversation

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