Do you want to take control of your career?

Mentorvention guides you toward a mentoring relationship that will help you succeed at work and in planning your career trajectory.

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Mentoring programs & outreach

Online Courses

Understand what you need from a mentor

Everyone needs a mentor

I know I did — and it changed my life.

I’ve spent almost 30 years teaching and guiding students and clients, and I’m dedicated to helping the next generation find their direction.

What can Mentorvention help you achieve?


Understand what you can offer and what you need from a mentor — as well as which talents and gifts set you apart from others

External Awareness

Greater knowledge about what other expect from you, and how to meet and exceed those expectations


The power to expand and move beyond your comfort zone!
The ability to set long-term and meaningful goals


Better awareness of your strengths and your superpowers


Learn more about the value that you provide to those around you


Clarity about your weaknesses and actions you can take to grow and improve


What People are Saying

This helped me internalize what I can bring to the table, and what I could bring my customers that others couldn’t.
Theo E.
You need this kind of guidance and assistance, especially when you’re going into something where you don’t know what is going to happen.
Ben C.
I liked the structure and I liked the assignments — they really make you put everything into perspective.
Brooke M.
This program helped me build my own confidence, to know what I am good at and how I can promote myself.
Elizabeth M.