Brain Freeze 1

Brain freeze! Over the weekend, I drove to Huntsville AL and back, about 600 miles each way, to visit family. A good reason, the best, which only took some of the sting out of the blizzard that escorted me all the way home. The slow, white-knuckled drive up US 65 gave me plenty of time to think. I made some connections between dangerous winter driving and the rest of my life as it passed before my eyes. I’ll share a few today and the rest tomorrow:
• Sometimes you must straddle two lanes until you figure out which one is the best one for you to take
• If you must change lanes, let those around you know your plan, so they know you aren’t drifting out of control
• As good as it feels to be almost home, remember that last mile might be the roughest: you’re exhausted and the final blocks might not be plowed
How about you? Do you have any favorite safe driving metaphors to share?

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