I just got a mentoring intervention

This morning I ran into my friend Steve at the coffee shop. Steve is an expert on coaching, career management and the job search, and he spoke to my MBA students a few weeks ago.

Steve offered praise for my students, and asked me to remind them that they should connect with him on LinkedIn and send him their resumes. He told me about some of his new projects, and we talked about mentoring for a few minutes, debating on which word is better: protege or mentee.

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I mentioned the project on my mind… exploring the relationship between mentoring and marketing. Do mentors have to market themselves to their proteges/mentees? How about he other way around? I think this would be a great project to better understand how connections are made, and how missed connections can be avoided.

Steve looked at me for a moment.

“Dave, you told me about that six months ago.”

I probably also told him about it one year ago and two years ago, but he was being nice.

“Just get started.”

Steve gave me a mentoring intervention. A Mentorvention.

So I’m getting started.

What are YOU going to get started on? Even a small start (like this) is infinitely better than wondering and standing still.

This is a space to talk about getting started, about mentoring, and marketing, and mentoring marketers. And marketing mentoring. And whatever else you need.

See you back here in a few days. And thanks for the Mentorvention, Steve!


Dave A


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