No BS Steve S

Hello and welcome to my BS Hall of Fame, an occasional series lovingly and gratefully dedicated to the people who have called me on my own BS.
Our tour today begins with my conversation with an old friend and mentor who asked me how a project was going, one of personal and professional importance to me. I gave him an enthusiastic update and when I finished, he told me that this was exactly the same thing I told him six months ago.
“Exactly?” I asked.
“Pretty much” he replied.
He continued. “Is this really that important to you?”
“It is.”
“Then treat it like it is, like it’s as important as you told me it was last time. Because now I don’t think it is.” He stared at me, waiting for my response.
All I could say was “thank you.”
Well. That project. It’s not done yet but it’s much further along than when we had that conversation, to the point where I can, being honest to him and to myself, say that my goals are visible and within reach.
When someone challenges you, calls you on your BS, they’re doing you a favor and pushing you forward. That’s something to be thankful for.

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