How do you do your to do

How do you do your to-do?

Yesterday I wrote about my positive attitude toward summer ending and the workload increasing.

And it’s true, I do have a positive attitude toward almost everything.

And then I took that closer look at my to do list.

Oof. That’s a pretty long list.

On that list is a reminder to read this recent article from Wired:

I put it there because I really liked this line:

“Every to-do list is a midlife crisis of unfulfilled promise.”

Maybe true, but seems a little negative!

I like to think of every crisis as some kind of a midlife crisis because that means I will live well into my 100s.

(Dave: remember to insert joke about Cubs next championship here)

The more challenges I face, the longer I’ll need to stay alive to conquer them.

Also on my list is a reminder to ask you how you manage your own to-do list.

Me? I give my projects names. I use a program called Toodledo which is nice, it’s clean and simple but not perfect. I don’t want to take the time to climb up any new learning curves.

How about you? How do you keep up with your work?

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