End of summer not end of world

End of summer not end of world

I love summer.

The daylight is long, the sleeves are short.

Bike rides to the coffee shop, long walks with the dog, baseball games….

(I’m a Cubs fan. Let’s change that last one to “preseason exhibition football games.”)

And as the calendar zooms through August, I notice that the Zooms are starting to fill my calendar. Pun intended.

The end of summer is not the end of the world. Since my glass is always more than half-full, we’re just changing the contents from lemonade to mulled cider.

This is a great opportunity to look through the work I have to do. I’ve known me long enough to know I won’t finish everything I planned by the end of the summer, so I can take the next couple of weeks to prioritize, evaluate, amoritize, and celebrate.

I’m happy about what I HAVE accomplished and the relationships I’ve created and strengthened.

A couple of weeks left and I’m not going to worry or complain. I’m gonna finish what I can, keep the other work moving forward, and start what I need to.

I’m going to get a running start, and to quote Earth, Wind, and Fire, I’ll be ba-dee-ya dancing in September

How about you?

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