Yesterday I wrote about a couple of my favorite pronounceable acronyms, JOMP (Just one more push) and GELMO (Good enough, let’s move on). I suspect that in another language, those might actually be words. They sound like they should be words!
Now here IS a word, another one that I love: Voorpret!
Voorpret is a Dutch word that means the pleasure of anticipation… pre-fun! The joy you feel for something that hasn’t happened yet but is going to and it will be AMAZING! EPIC!
Hey, even if it isn’t epic, but merely fun, nice, relaxing… pleasurable… you have to have a good amount of voorpret in your life. Especially now that we’re diving deeper back into the pandemic, the masks, the inconvenience and isolation, you need to give yourself something to look forward to.
We have a few. Not epic. Just really nice.
• On Mondays and only on Mondays, we ride our bikes to the cookie bakery, buying just two cookies. They’re big, but we limit it to two.
• On Wednesdays and (usually but…) only on Wednesdays, as a family we eat out or carry-out what we call Wednesday night dinner.
• On Sundays, we ride our bikes to the coffee shop and get a bagel.
See? Not self-deprivation by any means. Actually, more like self-discipline. And it gives us something to look forward to. It really helps.
How about you? What is your voorpret?

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