I love marketing. It gives me permission to invent new words.

Here are two:

GELMO, which means: Good enough, let’s move on.
JOMP, which means: Just one more push!

They say perfect is the enemy of good. I like that.
But you might also say that good is the enemy of better.

What do you think?

What are your thoughts on stepping back from something that’s “good enough” versus spending a little more time to get to what you think will be a better outcome? Will that better outcome be worth the extra time?

And let me ask you this: better for whom?

Also, I’m not sure if I made up those words… acronyms, actually. I looked them up: seems that GELMO is a word that means “profoundness” in Lithuanian. Wow! And JOMP is a word that means “technology” in Romanian. Whoa! Is this true? Can anybody confirm or correct this?

JOMP or GELMO: Which one are you?

And why?

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