We are in the middle of another week of classes and as always, my classes will feature real-world clients. We’re going to put together marketing plans for them.

My classes are filled with amazing people. One reality, though, is that for many of them, this is their first, last, and only marketing class. A few might even wonder why they have to be there at all. (Answer: It’s required. And I am glad you’re here.)

So in these early days, I emphasize the importance of knowing the vocabulary. Of course it’s not as simple as just memorizing the words, free of context. But knowing the words helps make the context more clear. I’ve seen students trying to describe a concept (like, say, market segmentation*) as if the right words were surrounded by barbed wire. What effect do you think that has on the listener?

Whatever field you’re in, learn the vocabulary. Whether you are working inside, working close to, or selling to members of the industry, being able to speak their language matters. It adds credibility, reduces misunderstanding, and makes conversations easier.

Do the reading. Learn the words.

See you tomorrow!

 *market segmentation is dividing a large group of customers into smaller groups based on a relevant shared characteristic.