Winging It

Before you say “Okay, Boomer” to me, bear in mind that by most measures I’m Gen X. Okay, maybe kind of a Boomer.

But… what is it with kids these days?

Okay, this is not just case of my riverboating free-floating emoting.

It’s about winging it. Not taking the time to do a little research. Not even a lot. Just a little.

Is it because so much information is available so readily on our phones?

We might not feel the need to dig a little deeper, go beyond the first (unverified) hit we find, or compare more than one source of information.

As fast as we find that first feasible response, remember that we can find a second one without much more effort.

And if Answer #2 doesn’t match Answer #1?

Well, that’s good.

Now we have some thinking to do.

Take that ride before you decide.

What do you think of that?

See you tomorrow!