Did you hear that knock on the door?

It might be opportunity knocking.

You better get up and check.

Go on, don’t just sit there.

Even if it’s not opportunity at least you’ll get some steps in…  and it might be opportunity but dressed in overalls and looking like work, just as Thomas Edison said.

Or might be dressed as your neighbor or your friend or your coworker or your partner.

Don’t just sit there!

Open the door, and if there’s nobody there, then peer around the corner, down the hallway.

Maybe opportunity got tired of waiting for you and moved on to some other door.

In fact why don’t YOU go and knock on the door next to yours?

That’s right, you get up and knock and hope that whoever is behind that door gets up to answer.

They ought to.

After all, it could be opportunity knocking.

Did you see what I did there?

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!