Rubber Teeth

Rubber Teeth

Hey, the new issue of my Northwestern University alumni magazine just arrived!

The alums keep getting younger while I keep getting older. And the writing seems to keep getting better. And smaller.

This month there was a fun column about the amazing Rob Leighton and his creation, Rubber Teeth Humor Magazine. Leighton is an incredibly talented and creative guy. Of Rob’s many contributions to our culture, RT might not be the most significant. But it is to me.

(I’ve been in the same room with Rob twice, so I feel this level of informality is appropriate)

I arrived at NU the year after Rob graduated, and my work on this magazine throughout college helped me make friends, form my identity, and build my communication and business skills. It was crucial.

I’m still connected to many of the gifted Rubber Teeth writers, editors, and comedians on social media and in the real world.

And even more, Rubber Teeth has always been on my resume. When my career journey included more job interviews than it does now, there was this fascinating relationship:  If the interviewer brought Rubber Teeth  into the conversation, I’d get to the next round.

And if they didn’t… even if I found a way to  mention it… I would go no further.

If there’s anything fun, something unique, you can include in your resume or profile that invites a conversation, that makes you seem just a little bit… different… please include it.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!