Who Loves the Status Quo

New Problem Checklist

When you have a new project or problem, here are a few questions to help you organize your thoughts and ideas:

What problem are you going to try to solve?

Why is this a problem?

Who is affected by this?

Why hasn’t this been solved yet?

For whom is this not a problem?

What other barriers do you face?

What will it look like when this problem is solved?

Is there a reason why this situation, whatever it may be, still exists?

Remember that one of the barriers to solving the problem might be that somebody, somewhere and for some reason, likes things the way they are! 

Maybe it’s a competitor, either in the marketplace or in your organization! What can you do to overcome not only inertia, but the momentum of some other product, person, or presence?

Importantly, what will it look like when the problem is solved? Are we talking about a new world order or just a happier customer?

A happier you?

This visioning exercise will give you goals to strive for as well as a clearer deliverable to win others to your cause and gain their support.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!