Random Birthdays Week for Feb 25: Carrot Top

Readers of my daily postings know that I like to recognize birthdays of some famous people that I admire or are just worth writing about.

It just so happens that a few of them share the same birthday.

And that day is February 25th.

What’s so special about February 25th?

These birthdays, our course!

And if you thought my post about Don Majkowski was random….

Well, maybe I should clarify by what I mean by admire.

Let’s talk about Carrot Top.

Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson.

While he is only my second favorite comedian named Scott Thompson, Carrot Top is quite successful.

He’s worth $70 million. I think that’s pretty successful.

The guy was a marketing major in college. I do admire that.

He does what works for him.

He tells the stories he wants to tell.

He looks the way he wants to look.

He’s really successful.

He probably doesn’t care if I think he’s funny or not.

He does his thing, for his fans.

There’s a lesson in there.

There’s always a lesson, even from unexpected sources.

And he was born on February 25th 1965.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!