What I learned this year

Today I start year three of posting something on social media every (work) day.

That’s right… it was February 8, 2021, two years ago today, that I decided to go ahead and jump. Jump!

So here’s what I learned this past year:

  • I don’t know if my posts are changing the world, but at least once a week somebody tells me they enjoyed what I wrote. Thank you. That’s plenty of fuel for my tank.
  • I know I’ve gained a few followers and friends and connections. What does that mean? If one of my new friends can help an old friend find a job or opportunity… or vice versa… that makes the effort worthwhile.
  • And it’s just fun to share exciting news like birthdays, anniversaries, and car-crushing spinouts with the people in my neighborhood.
  • And of course, writing still leads to more writing and ideas lead to more ideas. My warehouse of article titles and ideas grew from over 300 to over 500 to now nearly 700. I’ve got plenty of important things left to talk about, as I hope you noticed yesterday when I wrote about my dingy underwear.

So thank you for reading this and my other posts. I promise to put together another 260 interesting things to write about this year… for us to share.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!