Face Front! Friday!

Let’s show everyone how we’re celebrating the end of the week!

Post an image (you or a passable proxy) that shows how you’re feeling on this fine Friday.


I’m celebrating last night’s NCAA win for Northwestern’s men’s basketball team. Even though they were the higher seed against Boise State, let’s face it: we are always the underdogs. And except for a few select years, when it comes to sports, Chicago is always the underdog.

But it’s those few select years that make it all worthwhile.

Maybe this is one of those years.

So to celebrate, here’s a picture of me and my sweetie standing in front of the very place we met, in NU’s student center, where we used to perform two very obsolete jobs: selling postage stamps and paper tickets, and cashing students’ checks.

So Go Cats! Root for the underdog!

What do you think?

Have a great weekend!