Overwhelmed and Under Pressure

What happens when the plans you made don’t work?

It happens to just about everyone.

This could be something kind of small, finite, immediate… like a meeting got rescheduled.

It could be something large and epic in scale… like your dream career isn’t working out like you thought it would.

And anywhere in between.

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson said it well: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

If you’re getting punched in the mouth… metaphorically speaking, I hope… by someone else, or by a whole bunch of events, or even by yourself… if something or someone is screwing up your plans…

You’ve got to make a new plan.

It might be only a little different or it might have to be a lot different.

Keep things in perspective.

If you’ve experienced this kind of face-punch before, then remember that fact. You have survived other blows and you will survive this one.

What do you have control over? Can you readjust your priorities, your schedules, even your goals… at least for a little while, until the crisis has passed and the bleeding has stopped?

If you need help, then think of the people who have helped you before. And the people that you have helped before. This can be an occasion to make those relationships stronger.

The punching will stop.
Come on. Get back up and keep moving forward.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!