The Piñata or the Prize?

The history and meaning of the piñata go back hundreds of years, spanning several continents and different holidays and occasions. And piñatas are fun… what else can you hit with a stick to make candy and prizes come out? I do remember a vending machine where I used to work, but the shattered glass and property damage can lead to a whole other set of issues.

But pack to piñatas and the hitting. Where is the fun? Is it the creation and decoration of the piñata itself? Is it the whacking stick, said to represent love that destroys sin? Is it all the fun candy and sweet treats that pour out? Is it watching children motivated to clean up the mess on the floor with little to no supervision?

It can be all of these, but most of all, it’s the event that you’re celebrating. Remember why you’re all gathered together in the first place.

This can actually apply to work projects. Celebrate milestones. Enjoy the steps you take to accomplish the bigger picture. And remember the bigger picture. Save the real celebration until the deal is done, the contract is signed, the check arrives, or the paper is published. Keep your eyes on the real prize.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!