You are strong (part 2)

Yesterday I told you about a recent MBA student who overcame many obstacles, including her own self-doubt. She had strength, more than she might have realized.

Today is a good day to start you own strengths inventory.  What are you good at? Don’t be humble. What are you good at? Any ideas immediately come to mind? Write them down! This can seem like a tough task, and there are many ways to build your list, including:

  • Do you have hobbies? What do those hobbies involve?  This means you have skills and knowledge that others might not have and can almost certainly be applied to work and other parts of life.
  • Whether at work or at home, what do people ask you to do?  This means people know you can help them, they think you’re good at it. Take that compliment, accept it, embrace it, and look for more.
  • What would you like to be good at, wish you were good at? Like yesterday, sometimes you just have to tell yourself that you can and then dive in. Learn. Grow.

You don’t have to be the best at these things, you just have to be able to do them well enough to be helpful, to have people trust in you to do these things.

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See you tomorrow.