Don’t Complain About Those Who Aren’t Even There

Now that we’re about a month past the end of our school year, I have a confession to make.

I was a little bit unprofessional toward the members of one of my classes.

This was a marketing class of 12… and small groups like this can be a lot of fun.

At a typical class meeting, seven or eight students would show up. I don’t know that I ever had all 12, even on the first and last days of class.

The whys and wherefores of why someone doesn’t come to a scheduled class meeting… the reasons can range from the eyeroll inducing to the legitimate to the tragic, and everything in between.

I want to help, not to judge.

But when the clock strikes and it’s time to begin, it’s just not fun to see almost half the class missing.

And here I am, complaining again.

I’ve been doing this teaching thing for almost 30 years, and I still make mistakes.

Like complaining about the people who aren’t there to the people who are.

(not any specific person… I’m not THAT unprofessional… but the absentees in general)

The lesson here, one I hope I remember in September, is to celebrate those who chose to show up.

Let those who didn’t show up know that I missed them, that I’ll save a seat for them, that I’ll do what I can to support them, but that living up to their enrollment decision is still up to them.

And of course this applies outside of the classroom.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow.