Monitor: The Situation (or You Are Always Welcome at Any Gathering) [#6 of 10]

The next time you visit my office,  you’ll see my personality hung up all over my shelves and walls: books, retro ads, Chicago sports paraphernalia, comic book covers, and of course motivational posters, magnets, and plaques.

I’m so motivated it’s a wonder I get anything done.

Since I’m working from home more often these days, my walls aren’t covered with motivating material, but my computer is.

And so our laptop litany moves to this: You are always welcome in any gathering

First, a quick story.

I was in a hotel, ready to check in but there was nobody at the front desk. As I searched for a little bell to ring, I heard a big voice bellow across the lobby:

“Oh, hey, he’s over here.”

A large man waived at me and put his hand on the shoulder of the desk attendant standing next to him, far from his station.

Then he called me over.

“I was just telling (pause to check the name tag)… D’Andre a story… come on over, you’ll like this.”

The large man had never met me, had absolutely no idea who I was.

So I walked over to the large man and D’Andre,.

Now the large man had his hands on both of our shoulders and told his story.

I don’t remember the story but I remember that we all laughed, none louder than the large man.

But mostly, several years later, I remember how recognized the large man made me feel.

I wish I was more like that.

(I also understand that this situation might make one feel uncomfortable… I was a little wary myself.)

Just so welcoming of others. So open, so willing to share… as the default setting.

How does that tie in with the little fortune cookie foresight pictured here?

Well, it would have been pretty awkward to just walk into their conversation, right? I mean, who knows what they might have been discussing?

But in so many other places and settings, it’s not awkward at all. Open-doored office at work? Conversation at a conference?

Walk right in. Really. Do it.

Hey, if it’s private, you’ll be told.

Otherwise… walk on in. Listen to the words and the tone, the nonverbals.

Be ready to be part of the party… and maybe bring your new perspective to the situation.

Yeah it’s bold.

What’s stopping you?

How about you? Any words of wisdom to share that keep you going?

See you tomorrow.