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I’m celebrating Adopt Mosho Day

It was eleven years ago that we drove to Melrose Park and my daughters chose Mosho to be our best friend, guardian, confidante, path-blocker, bed-time barker, alarm clock, pond-swimmer, loose fur distributor, focus of many classroom stories, and all-around center of attention.

We’re so happy that we adopted this rescue mutt (Lab? Flatcoat Retriever? Newfie? Rottweiler? Bear?).

She doesn’t care for stairs anymore. For a while she had to let us carry her up to her favorite sleeping place, resting calmly on a blanket as we lifted her 120-pound body up to bed, her head peeking adorably above the blanket. Now she climbs a ramp up the stairs. My back appreciates this.

We love our friend Mosho!

Tell us about your favorite companion!