Worth It Thursday: Ten Reasons (Volume Two)

Not long ago, I started a weekly series of reasons why you are worth every penny you are earning. That led to some great feedback and even more ideas. So let’s start Volume Two: ten MORE reasons why you are worth whatever you are being paid (or think you should be paid) and more.

I’ll outline the reasons here and bring it back every Thursday until we’re done. And please help me add to the list and build Volume Three.

  1. You have taken on increased responsibilities since you started
  2. You have pursued professional development, increasing your skill set and value
  3. You are meeting and exceeding  the goals put in front of  you
  4. You are growing as a leader and mentor
  5. Your talents and experience are attracting more demand in your industry
  6. You have demonstrated commitment to your organization
  7. You are having a positive impact on your company culture and those around you
  8. Keeping you happy costs less than replacing  you
  9. You have built relationships not only within the firm, but also with clients and partners
  10. You are going above and beyond and taking initiative

Let’s talk some more about this next Thursday.

And I’ll see you here tomorrow.