Worth It Thursday v2: You Have a Heavier Load to Carry

We’re getting toward the end of the week and to help us make it to the weekend, I’d like to share some more reasons why you are worth whatever you are being paid (or think you should be paid) and more.

Here’s why you are worth your reward (and please help me add to this list!):

No doubt about it,  you are taking on increased responsibilities since the day you started. Maybe it was part of the plan since the beginning. Or maybe somebody above you or next to you or even below you on the org chart left and you took on some of their work.

Did you take on some of their pay, too?

Take notes, my friend. If you’re giving more, you should be getting more in return.

Because you know that you are worth all that and more.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!

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