From me to you (and to me, too): From Future Me to Current Me

Yesterday, I posed a question to you (and to me, too).

This one is for both of us.

“What advice would your future self give to your current self?”

What would future me tell current me?

It’s a tough question.

It forces us to imagine what our future self will know… who our future self will be… compared to who we are right now.

And it forces us to think about what our current self is doing now … or not doing now… that we might regret later.

So I put the question to myself.

Future Dave would tell current Dave that DONE is more important than PERFECT.

But I think current Dave would have told that to younger Dave too.

Here’s a newer one, then.

Future-me would tell now-me that I should look for overlaps, not forks. Venns, not tines.

Don’t always see decisions as a binary choice, where your only options are to go left or to go right. Choice A or Choice B.

Instead, think about how I can devote resources to both A and B, or maybe create Choice C that combines the best of both.

Now-me is still trying to wrap my brain around this. But later-me, he seems to understand this.

What do you think?

What does future you know, know that you should start doing now instead of later?

See you tomorrow!

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