INFUSE Framework of Mentoring

Thank you to my friend Mary Pat and our Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence for allowing me to share my ideas on the INFUSE framework of mentoring.

Do you have a mentor?

Would you know if a mentor was standing right in front of you, or working in the room next to yours?

This presentation illustrated six different kinds of mentors that you should consider in building your own mentoring group, or personal board of advisors.

This group can be summarized as the INFUSE framework, with each letter of the acronym suggesting a different type of relationship:

•            Somebody who is in your INDUSTRY, but not your firm

•            Someone who is NEARBY, physically close to you or easily within contact in the workplace.

•            Somebody who is in your FIRM but not necessarily your department.

•            A person who offers you UNCONDITIONAL support, love or friendship.

•            Someone who is in a position or situation SIMILAR to yours

•            And someone who is EXCEPTIONAL like you are

That last one is so important, and that mentor can be so hard to find.

This framework does not prescribe a particular order or priority in building a mentoring group, and it is possible that one person can speak to more than one of these needs.

And while all of this might seem overwhelming, you don’t need all of these mentors all at one time.

But don’t overlook the people who can help you.

The word “mentor” can be limiting. If the overarching objective is to gain great control over one’s career, the INFUSE model offers guidelines to building relationships with mentors, advisors, coaches, trainers, sounding boards, confidants, helpers, and connections.

To help you take and keep control of your career.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow.