WIT Worth It Thursday v2: Keeping you happy costs less than replacing you

We’re getting toward the end of the week and to help us make it to the weekend, I’d like to share some more reasons why you are worth whatever you are being paid (or think you should be paid) and more.

Here’s another reason why you are worth your reward (and please help me add to this list!):

Keeping you happy costs less than replacing you.

The importance of retaining top talent cannot be overstated. Strong employees like you contribute to your company’s success.

It’s also worth it to invest in and reward you appropriately.

For one thing, when a firm loses an employee, they have to get back into the time-consuming and resource-intensive recruitment process.

And then the training and time to onboard.

You have also gained institutional knowledge and understanding of your company’s culture and processes. A new person has to start from scratch.

If you have an outward-facing role, you play a direct role in your customers’ satisfaction, and those relationships may be lost if  you leave.

Simply put, keeping you happy, healthy, and competitively compensated is more cost-effective than losing you and then recruiting and training your replacement.

Take notes, my friend. If you’re giving more, you should be getting more in return.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!

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