Your Origin Story… and a cure for imposter syndrome?

That’s a bold headline.

You tell me.

You might know that I’m a comic book geek from way back when, going back about half a century.

(Didn’t I tell myself not to use that phrase in my last post? Yes I did. Ugh.)

We know some of these stories. Even if we never read comic books, the Marvel and DC superhero movies are part of our popular culture.

Superman was sent, as an infant, to Earth from his exploding planet Krypton.

Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and became Spider-Man.

Tony Stark created his Iron Man armor to escape his kidnappers.

I’m pretty sure none of these things actually happened to either of you or me.


Could your origin story include moving out of a destructive situation and discovering new powers in your new place?

Could something that happened to you accidentally, unexpectedly, lead you to discover the ability to do things you never imagined doing before?

Could you have come up with an idea, with your back against the wall, that saved a client or brought on greater responsibility?


And of course, none of these superheroes are imposters.

Well, except for the secret identities. And that they’re fictional.

(Just ignore that last line)

Remember: your powers are yours, no matter how you acquired them.

You are not an imposter.

Come back tomorrow and help me figure out my superhero origin story.

See you then.