Free Puppies! or Sometimes a crazy idea can work

You just might have to dial down the crazy a little bit… but not too much.

We had a client a few years back, a children’s museum. We spent a session brainstorming some ways to attract kids to the building, with the theme of “get the kids to beg their parents until mom and dad give in.”

One idea: have a puppy giveaway. Free puppies to all who visit. No limits.

Now if you’re not a dog person, this idea might not appeal to you. But as we know, dogs are the best. It’s not until later in life that some of us realize that cats are also an option.

And there other reasons that our free puppies promotion might not work. Let’s use that extreme as a starting point, What benefit would the youngsters gain from free puppies? The answer, of course is the puppies.

Okay then. How else could we get that benefit of a free puppy giveaway or at least come close to it without all the possible, legal, medical, and ethical complications?

  • Team up with a rescue service and hold a puppy adoption event
  • Develop a mascot that looks like a puppy
  • Donate a portion of ticket prices to an animal shelter or humane society.
  • Keep thinking, you know there are many more possibilities!

Generate those crazy ideas then find a way to distill the key benefit to your audience at an acceptable cost to you.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow