From me to you (and to me, too):  Walk In Like You Own the Place, or “I’m Moe Greene!”

It’s easy to give advice. I think I find it easy to take advice too.

But for me to heed the words that I say to others? Not so easy.

So this one is for both of us.

Okay, a whole bunch of disclaimers first:

  1. I’m referring to the gangster character Moe Greene from The Godfather.
  2. If you look up “I’m Moe Greene,” remember this scene is R rated and NSFW.
  3. I think the Spoiler Alert rule doesn’t apply to movies that are over 50 years old, so I will say that you might not want to actually BE Moe Greene and definitely don’t want to end up like him.

Okay, with that out of the way let me tell you that I adore the first 15 seconds or so of the scene in The Godfather where we first meet Moe Greene. I love the whole movie but let me focus on how this scene opens.

Moe Greene walks into a room like he owns the place, because he does.

He checks on the welfare of everybody in the room.
He makes sure everybody has everything they need to enjoy their time at his place.

Often, when I’m getting ready to go into a meeting or a classroom, I watch this clip.

I want to enter every room like Moe Greene. How about you?

Walk in like you own the place.

You can do it. You’ll be glad you did.

(And so will I!)

See you tomorrow!

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