BRIGHT Goal Setting Step 2: RELEVANT

As we get closer and closer to New Year’s resolution time, you know that you can and should set your own goals. And play a proactive role in setting goals with others. You want to have a voice in creating your own to-do list.

The SMART model of goal setting is pretty well-known.

The best acronyms often are.

But the SMART model components are missing important ingredients and, importantly, its ingredients are listed in the wrong order.

Our BRIGHT new model adds missing elements and puts them in the right order.

Where the SMART model starts with Specific, the BRIGHT model starts with Big.

As in, what is the Big Picture? What are your Big goals?

We’ll get to the specifics soon enough.

R is for Relevant. By definition, relevance is important and that’s why I moved it up in the batting order.

Early in the process. NOT toward the end, since we have to make sure that there is a good reason for what you’re doing, that your B big goal is relevant to your vision, the overall objectives that you hope to accomplish.

If you determine that something isn’t relevant, then it’s not going to be the best use of your time and energy. Figure it out early.

Why is this goal important? Why is your work important… to you and to those around you?

Your time is valuable and you don’t want to realize that you’re wasting your time late in the goal-setting process.

Keep it relevant.

What’s next for creating BRIGHT goals? Come back tomorrow and see what I stands for.

(the letter I, grammar police, not the pronoun!)

In the meantime, do you want to join me in proving that the BRIGHT model will work?

What’s your BRIGHT big, relevant goal?

See you tomorrow for more.

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