Do You Set Goals for Yourself?

Are you thinking about your New Year’s resolutions?

Goal setting is one of those things that you know is important… everyone tells you it’s important. I will tell you too. And I think we can agree that it’s hard to sit down and find the time to actually establish goals for yourself and write them down. It’s easy to be passive and let others set your goals for you, like your boss or client.

You can and should set your own goals and play a more active role in setting goals with others, to have a voice in your own to-do list.

Have you heard of the SMART model? It’s well-known and stands for Specific goals, Measurable outcomes, Achievable goals, Relevant goals, and Time constraints.  That spells SMART. Kind of clever, right?

I’ve got a better idea.

Those components are missing something and besides they’re in the wrong order.

Let’s make it better.

And I’m not just going to peel the SMART label off and stick my own label on.

Our new model will include a couple of things that really need to be added.

Come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about the BRIGHT model for goal setting.

You heard it here first!


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