As Long As You Get a Chance

It doesn’t matter if you’re the first choice as long as you get chosen.

Does it matter that Hugh Jackman was not the first choice to play Wolverine in the X-Men movies? Or that Bryan Cranston was not the first choice to play Walter White in Breaking Bad?

It’s always possible that what COULD have been would have been better than what WAS or IS.

That’s called counterfactual thinking. Why bother?

So many success stories are due to those third or fourth (or in GOAT quarterback Tom Brady’s case, sixth) choices, those small fish in big ponds, those finishers gasping and lunging across the finish line.

All you need is the opportunity. Once you have the opportunity, think about what you can do with it, to be the best solution to somebody’s problem. Think about your opportunity, not about why or whether you were the second or third or fourth choice.

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