Bloody Pizza Thanksgiving

In my house, we celebrate Thanksgiving in a different way.

We give thanks on March 23 (this past Saturday), in March instead of (actually, in addition to) late November.

We feast on deep dish pizza, not turkey.

What I’m really thankful for is my wife.

It was on March 23, 2018 that, while eating dinner (pizza, of course), my wife tasted blood.

Off to the emergency room where we discovered that she had a carcinoid tumor in her lung. This, after consecutive years of wondering why she had this cough that she just couldn’t seem to get rid of.

Now six years and half a lung later, she is cancer-free.

I hope the meaning is clear.

If you’re not sure about something that concerns you, don’t be passive. Check it out.

Be thankful.

Enjoy pizza.

Enjoy life.

See you tomorrow!