From me to you (and to me, too): Open Door Policy

It’s easy to give advice. I think I find it easy to take advice too.

But for me to heed the words that I say to others? Not so easy.

So this one is for both of us.

Keep the door open.

You’re busy, I’m busy, we’re all busy.

And when I’m overwhelmed, too often I default to closing the door behind me.

But when I leave it open, I get visitors. I get conversations. I get ideas. I build relationships.

But I’ve discovered that through these unexpected interruptions, I’m able to help someone who might need me.

And if my door was closed, that interaction would never have happened.

Boundaries are important, absolutely.

Can you keep your door open?

Keep that in mind.

You can do it. You’ll be glad you did.

(And so will I!)

See you tomorrow!

(ALSO! My friend Rob and I just published the latest issue of our podcast for you to enjoy. Find “Marketing vs Sales” on your favorite podcast platform. Pull up a seat and join us, and let us know what you think!)