Ciao, baby.

Graduation last weekend made me think of Mr. Beckman. He was one of my favorite junior high school teachers. That was quite a few years ago.

Two things about him stand out in my mind.

One, he ended class every day by saying “ciao, baby.”

And THAT reminded me of Kojak, a TV crime drama from that era starring Telly Savalas. Theo Kojak’s catch phrase was “who loves ya, baby?”

But I digress.

Two, he also had us play table-top historical war games in class, to illustrate the lessons in his history class.

Now in my classroom, I bring real clients in for the students to learn from, but as you might imagine, in a junior high school history class, the closest you can or should come to reenacting WWII is a simulation.

What I really remember, what stuck with me, was the sheer joy he displayed and shared, his love of history and love of teaching this subject to us… of letting us experience the subject… his passion was clear.

I hope my students can tell how much I love teaching them marketing.

You can be distinctive by letting your passion show. Let people know what you love to do, so they want to share that thrill and help you find ways to do more of what you love.

What do you think?

Ciao, baby. See you tomorrow!