From me to you (and to me, too):  AI? Do not panic.

It’s easy to give advice. I think I find it easy to take advice too.

But for me to heed the words that I say to others? Not so easy.

So this one is for both of us.

I use spreadsheets quite often, sometimes for number crunching but more often to manage databases.

And despite going to grad school during an era when statistical analysis meant you had to write your own command lines (coding!), I have trouble writing equations in spreadsheets that would make my work easier.

So I ask AI to do it for me.

And AI does it well.

So I don’t have to write code or equations, I just have to explain, in plain English, what I need to have done in my spreadsheet.

And you don’t even have to write code anymore to use analysis programs.

So before you panic, take advantage of the fact that at a basic level, AI isn’t hard to use. And it can make your work (and therefore your life) much easier.

AI? Use it well and learn how to make it work for you.

You can do it. You’ll be glad you did.

(And so will I!)

See you tomorrow!

(My friend Rob and I just published the latest issue of our podcast for you to enjoy. Find “Marketing vs Sales” on your favorite podcast platform. Pull up a seat and join us, and let us know what you think!)