We’ve all heard the saying: “opportunity knocks.”

It evokes an image of fate presenting a golden chance, requesting entry. But what if opportunity isn’t such a well-mannered visitor? What if it’s more like a shy kid at the back of the class, waiting and hoping to be noticed and invited in?

This is where the power of taking initiative steps in. Instead of passively waiting for opportunity to knock, we need to be the ones who pound on the door and actively seek out opportunity. We have to knock (“Breaking Bad” quotes and memes not withstanding). This doesn’t necessarily mean barging through doors or being pushy. It means being proactive, assertive, and making your presence known.

Think of it like applying for your dream job. Sending a resume and waiting for a call might get you noticed in a perfect world, but often, the person who gets the interview is the one who follows up, expresses their enthusiasm, and shows initiative. They create their own opportunity.

The message is clear: Life doesn’t always hand you opportunities on a silver platter. You have the power to be assertive, take initiative, and become the architect of your own destiny.

Remember, sometimes the best opportunities are the ones you create for yourself and for those around you.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow.