You are strong (part 1)

Not too long ago, an MBA graduate reached out to me with a huge compliment.

She was a non-traditional student who wanted to study business but was convinced that she couldn’t handle the math involved in her classes. A strong case of imposter syndrome.

My advice was, basically, to change the story. It might mean going back to basics, but give yourself a fresh start. Tell yourself you can be good at math, you will be good at math, and make sure your math teachers are on this journey with you. It’s okay to ask for help.

Even the best teacher isn’t mind-reader.

It worked. I’m so proud of her.

She did the work. She broke out of her comfort zone and made it bigger, put in the hours and the effort, and made it happen. She earned her degree. I’m glad I was there when she needed a little push.

Find someone to push you if that’s what you need.

And know this: you don’t need anybody’s permission to change your story.

It’s up to you.

More on this topic tomorrow. See you then!

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