Can Anybody Find My Dumb Bunny to Love, or Look Before you Leap

My basement office has a shallow window well, just above my desk. The other day I heard some gentle tapping on my window well window… that would have been scary at night!…  and there he was, a little bitty bunny rabbit. Not sure how a bunny rabbit falls into a window well…some combination of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin is probably at work here.

So we went out to rescue the screwy rabbit, gently picking it up in a blanket with gloved hands. So cute!

And then the bunny jumped, out of our hands, into the air, arms and legs splayed out, ten feet or so above the ground, and landed right inside our other window well. This one is much deeper than the first one.

Silly rabbit.

Now we had to go back in the house, open that window well window for almost surely the first time ever in the 24 years we’ve lived in this house, and rescue the rabbit.

But the rabbit didn’t want to be rescued. It squished itself as tightly against the window frame as it possibly could. It was only after some reaching and prying and gentle effort that we managed to get our new friend into a cloth bag. We then took bunny to a field and set it free.

Our little pal teaches us some important lessons:

  • If someone is willing and able to help you, let them
  • Don’t run and hide from the consequences of your actions
  • If something gets you into trouble once, it’s likely it will get you into trouble again unless you’ve been able to learn something in between Time 1 and Time 2. The rabbit did not learn.
  • And of course, look before you leap

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!