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Grateful and a little enlightened.

Grateful to have found a career that is so satisfying to me. Yesterday was a fun day to be a teacher, watching my students ask some great questions of our class client.

So I thought I’d share this decorative stone with the word “teacher” engraved in English and in Japanese.

Did you know I took Japanese for over a year in college?

(Anything to impress that pretty girl!)

(Plus… it was the 80s)

And I really remember nothing from what I learned in that course other than sensei means teacher (sorry, Kato-sensei and Yamada-sensei! You did your best).

Actually, the rock doesn’t say “sensei.” It says “kyoshi,” which means school teacher. Sensei is more of a title of respect, an honorific. So I won’t call myself sensei. I can say “Watashi wa kyoshi desu.”

And I’d like to say those months of learning Japanese are all coming back to me now, but they really aren’t.

Still, I learned something so that makes this a good day.

How about you?

What do you think? Let me know if I can help you.

Have a great weekend!